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Transfer the saved videos and watch the videos on any device. 3– We also feel there is real-time encryption going on here. When the video is downloaded, not only it is broken into parts but is also converted to EXO format, compressed and encrypted in real time. This has several benefits, the one obvious benefit is that people can’t copy-paste the video and share it indiscriminately. The compression, meanwhile, saves space on the disk.

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For example, the 3-minute long video that we downloaded actually consumed around 40MB data. But when stored on the phone, the video took only around 25mb space.

In select areas, you can download certain videos from the YouTube mobile app to play offline. Learn more about how todownload videos to watch offline.

This feature allows you to securely transfer data in its original quality, without any problem. You will need to have a data cable to be able to connect your mobile with your computer. YouTube is one of the most popular video streaming websites around the world.

  • Youtube has just read your already transferred file.
  • Enjoy your youtube’s shared videos without buffering.
  • Just had my doubt as i transferred from internal storage to sd card.
  • I have save more than 80 videos in offline folder in letv 1 , how can I transfer to another device please let me know.

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Despite YouTube offline videos can be watched on a single device, you can share YouTube offline stored videos easily with your friends, colleagues etc. by using these methods. Do you want to share your private video with someone on youtube? Yes, you canshare private YouTube videowith your friends and family.

to a mobile phone, make sure that you try out Wondershare UniConverter. One of the most useful features of Wondershare UniConverter is its ability to share files from pc to phone.

A large portion of the audience that watches YouTube uses their smartphone to browse the video streaming platform. Many people on the Internet want to know how to transfer YouTube offline videos to a laptop. Usually, you will need to have third-party tools to be able to download and transfer such videos. If you are someone that doesn’t know how to transfer YouTube downloaded video from mobile to computer youtube mp3 converter, keep reading further to find out more. Share and play your offline stored YouTube videos with this simple trick below.

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