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Lee Eisenberg (co-writer): An episode like this lives quite a bit in the awkward pauses. A line would occur and the audience, along with the people at the dinner, would just sort of sit there and let it grasp. And so the rhythms of this episode are slightly completely different.

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The last time we did a farmworker amnesty, it resulted in one of the intensive immigration frauds ever perpetrated against the United States government” — according to the New York Occasions , no less. This was the Special Agricultural Employee” portion of the 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act (the smaller of the 2 essential amnesties contained in that law), which legalized 1.1 million individuals, regardless that there have been only about 400,000 individuals eligible for it. That represents a fraud fee of sixty four %. Individuals received the farmworker” amnesty even though they claimed, as an illustration, to have picked watermelons from timber. One of many beneficiaries was Mahmud The Pink” Abouhalima, an Egyptian unlawful alien driving a cab in New York, who used his fraudulently acquired status to journey to Afghanistan for terrorist training, which he used within the first World Trade Middle assault.

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